From 1 March 2018 – Planning Certificates – section 149(2)&(5) Certificates are now known as section 10.7(2)&(5) Certificates

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Whilst there is a number of recent changes to the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act one notable change commencing on 1 March 2018, is that section 149(2)&(5) Certificates will now be known as section 10.7(2)&(5) Certificates – below is a link to the relevant legislation.

Section 10.7 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Please also note that Schedule 4 of the Regulation, which deals with Planning Certificates has also been amended by the inclusion of a new Item 21 requiring the Council to state if an Order or Notice has been issued under the Building Products (Safety) Act 2017, which received assent late last year.

Schedule 4 Planning Certificates – Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000

Building Products (Safety) Act 2017


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