External Wall Cladding is now a Major Defect

The Home Building Regulation has been amended to classify external flammable wall cladding as a major defect.

Homeowners who purchase units or townhouses with unsafe external wall cladding, will now have up to six years after completion of the build to get repairs or rectification work done by the builder responsible for the project.

Real Estate Agents, Strata Managing Agents, Building, Property or Maintenance Managers must ensure the buildings are safe by checking the external wall cladding, and ensure that the appropriate fire safety measures are in place.

Please refer to the Department of Fair Trading’s website – Fire Safety & External Wall Cladding

NSW Government has established an inter-agency Fire Safety and External Wall Cladding Taskforce. The Taskforce will be working on reforms to strengthen the current fire safety protections.

Factsheet – Fire Safety and External Wall Cladding Factsheet

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